Testimonial from: William Georgiades

Testimonial from: William Georgiades


I asked a previous trainer who I should work with when I returned to my old gym, Clay, and she said the only person she would ever train with was Barbara Crean. She told me that Barbara trained all of the new trainers there for a reason—she understood total wellness, and how to tailor a program for individuals. I started working with Barbara as a client in September 2011, and we kept training for two solid years.

Previously I had worked with several trainers who were bored, hostile, or unprofessional (especially at Equinox). Barbara was immediately engaged and laid out a plan of action for progress that she kept to very clearly. She was, and is, personable, funny, and knows exactly when to be light and when to apply the needed pressure for progress. She also understood my personal limitations and areas that needed work, and referred me to several other professionals (a chiropractor, a masseuse, a nutritionist, a boxing trainer etc), all of whom I have continued to work with.

In short, for the first time in twenty years of working out, she made the experience fun, something to look forward to, and an experience that yielded surprising, and steadily positive results. Simply as a personal trainer she is fantastic, the best I have worked with.

But what really surprised me, was when she saw the progress we had made and she started sharing me with another trainer, who pushed me in different ways. More progress was made and I could tell that she was paying close attention because after a while with this second trainer, she very smoothly transitioned me to a third trainer who focused on other health issues that I had never considered before. Now, three years after first meeting Barbara, I am in the best shape I ever have been in, not just because of her training ability, but also because, from our first session, she had the long goal in mind, and knew exactly who I should move on to as my condition improved.

Further to these qualities, Barbara started working in a managerial position at the gym, and I – and the other trainers and clients – immediately noticed a change in the atmosphere of the place, for the better. She knew who to put which client with for what results, she understood that fitness can be enjoyable as well as hard, and she intuitively understood the infrastructure of a health club to reap maximum benefits for clients, while keeping the business humming along. I’ve never spent so many thousands of dollars so happily, as when I have with her, because I knew exactly where that money was going, into future, ongoing good health.

I was always happy to re-up my membership with her. This is no small quality, as every other health club manager I’ve interacted with tends to focus far more on commercial terms, whereas Barbara saw this as an investment in future health. Those were not selling points for her, but a way of life.

As both an account manager and as a personal trainer, it would be fair to say that Barbara has had a very positive effect on my life. This comes after twenty plus years of boxing, running and yoga, after being a member of six different gyms in different countries and states – the only real difference in my pursuit of health came when I started working with Barbara. This is because she cares about seeing her clients succeed. It’s a rare quality in my experience.

William Georgiades