Barbara Crean

fitness coach

With over 11 years of experience, Barbara brings a unique holistic approach to personalized fitness. She integrates a mind - body connection into her individualized training programs, so that her clients are able to realize their true fitness potential, while also achieving a greater awareness of their bodies.  Barbara believes that lifestyle plays a critical role in achieving this success, and therefore works with clients to understand their body's unique needs, by finding the right changes that will be most effective for both their current lifestyle, as well as the long term.

Her approach is motivating, compassionate, and focused, so that results are experienced not only from the outside but also from within.

My skills


CLAY (Health Club & Spa)

New York, New York

Fitness/Sales Manager Master Coach 2014 – PRESENT

  • Manage a group of 40 personal trainers, including; performance management, training, employee relations and scheduling
  • Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and mentoring of new trainers
  • Expand and maintain close, positive relationships with training clients to ensure client satisfaction and high level results
  • Coordinate with the nutrition team to encourage clients to work with and leverage nutrition expertise
  • Manage training sales including new units and renewals, averaging 200K in sales per month
  • Collaborate with Membership Renewal Department to fulfill client needs and maximize sales opportunities
  • Develop and supervise the working integration of the Fitness Concierge and Membership Services
  • Source and collaborate with training vendors to ensure the staff has access to relevant training techniques

CLAY (Health Club & Spa)

New York, New York


  • Communicated with trainers and staff to encourage the expansion of their client base, assisted with sales and mentored trainers on how to increase frequency and bring value to their clients
  • Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and mentoring of new trainers
  • Develop and supervise the working integration of the Fitness Concierge and Membership Services
  • Designed and implemented effective internal system to coordinate front desk and back office sales support process
  • Advised clients on package renewals based on usage, leveraging relationships, sales technique, goals and promotions
  • Created programs based on personality and expertise to serve client needs, allowing them to reach their goals and maximize usage
  • Established and maintained relationships with clients and trainers to ensure seamless support and ongoing training
  • Mentored trainers and staff on how to develop a win- win approach and positive operating styles

Portfolio Testimonials


  • 05.11.2012 Movements Afoot

    Movements Afoot - Balance & Body Full Pilates Certification (w/Leslie Powel)
  • 08.15.2012Yoga Sutra

    Yoga Certification (500 hours taught by Guta Hedewig) Bob Esquerre: “Introduction to 5 point Movement Screen”; “Postural & Spinal Stabilization”
  • 12.29.2013Paul CHEK

    “Fitness Resources”; “PPS Mastery Practitioner”

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